About Freedom Health & Wellness

Our Vision


A fit, healthy and happy community


Our Mission


To transform people's lives through education, exercise, motivation and inspiration


The FHW Story

In October 2009, Stacey Dolliver - Fitness and Life Coaching - began operating in a chuch hall in New Norfolk with just two group fitness classes per week.  Over the years, as numbers grew, so did the offering of fitness services.


While Stacey worked as the Manager of the Staff Health & Fitness Centre at the Royal Hobart Hospital, her 'hobby fitness business' started to slowly grow.


In July 2012, Stacey teamed up with a couple of mates and secured a contract with the Glenorchy City Council to facilitate fitness and wellbeing programs throughout the Glenorchy community, so the brand FHW was born.  At the conclusion of this contract, Stacey took over the FHW name and, together with her husband Tom, they are now the owners.


In July 2015, Stacey and Tom purchased the property at 99 Ring Road and with assistance from lots of friends and family have created the FHW HQ as it stands today.


They look forward to continuing to grow the services that FHW offer and expand into other communities.


If you haven't visited the premises yet, it's worth a look!!