F.I.R.E (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise)

The Body Shaper

Our next 10 week block starts Monday 5th February 2018 - spaces are limited!


To find out more - book and appointment with Stacey by calling 0417 464 476


Do you want to build muscle, burn fat and create a body that you can be proud of????


Fight Fat with......    F.I.R.E.


- 2 FIRE sessions per week, in a small group
- Unlimited access to regular, land-based classes
- Science-based training
- Experience changes in body shape
- Suitable for all fitness levels
- FIRE is a 10 week program
- Mums can bring the kids!
- Be part of our amazing community of like-minded individuals


Check out real results from FHW members


Tess completed  3 rounds of FIRE in 2015 losing 29cm's off her measurements, decreased weight and decreased body fat%.  

Stacey has completed 3 rounds of FIRE.  While her total weight has barely changed it's very clear that her body shape has changed!!

Tash has completed 3 rounds of FIRE - how great are these photos!

Cara completed one round of FIRE in 2015, after having a beautiful baby in April and lost 5.25kg and 14cm from her measurements.