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"During my first pregnancy I gained 20+ kilos. Having done shake diets before falling pregnant the weight piled on fast.  Once my son was born, I soon went back to shake diets but without any success, I'd loose 2 kilos, go off the diet, binge eat and put on 3 kilos. This was the rollercoaster I was fighting with for the first 2 years of my sons life.Gemma

I became quite depressed about my weight and the more down I got the more I ate to make myself feel better. It wasn't until my son was 2 I realised the "I just had a baby" excuse wasn't really a viable excuse anymore and I had two options, either get a lap band or get off my butt and do something about it.
I made the decision to start eating a healthy diet and for the first few weeks I couldn't bare the thought of exercise, it seemed too hard and I wanted a quick fix. As the kilos started dropping, my confidence slowly started coming back and so did the need to do some exercise. Some friends were doing some local exercise classes and were encouraging me to go along but everyone would look at me and I wouldnt keep up..... right?
I'm not someone who enjoys exercise and I certainly wasn't embarrassing myself in front of a whole class. The excuses not to join them slowly ran out and I went along to my first Cross Training class with Stacey. I was so nervous, I felt sick, but when I walked into the room for the first time Stacey met me with a welcoming, beaming smile.
During my first class, Stacey helped and encouraged me without singling me out or putting any pressure on me. There was different exercise options for different fitness levels. Stacey's classes for me have made fitness fun, a word I once would never use to describe exercise. In the beginning I was only doing one class a week, I now try to do 3 and each class is very different from the last.  The other instructors at Freedom are equally as friendly and I have never felt uncomfortable in a class.
There are people with all different fitness levels, all different sizes, and there for many different reasons. To begin with my reason was weight loss, but it's now turned into my sanity and time out. In 10 months I have lost 23 kilos. I'm still watching what I am eating and still trying to lose my last 7 kilos but if I don't attend at least 1 class a week I fall back into bad eating habits.  So exercise and healthy eating really do go hand in hand.
10 months on and Stacey still welcomes me with that same beaming smile but now she's allowed to push me to my limits a bit more because she's finally made me realise I CAN do it. I even participated in my first Fun Run and ran the whole 7km recently!
I really can't recommend nor thank Stace enough, she's helped change my life."
Centre Manager, ptunarra Child and Family Centre
"Working with Freedom Health & Wellness is an experience not to be missed.
Communication, planning and delivery is A1.... such a high standard.
Stacey and her team are very respectful in their manner with clients and are deeply committed to ensuring that all their clients get the best service. Their collaborative approach to our Get Fit and Quit Program at ptunarra was awesome and the outcomes are the proof of this.
Thorough planning, high level delivery and followup is the norm with Freedom Health and Wellness. If Stacey says she will do something she does. She and her team are so reliable and always going over and above to help others.
An absolute pleasure to work with and can't wait for our next opportunity"